Turmeric Mango Powerhouse Smoothie


Turmeric Mango Powerhouse Smoothie from Make Love in the Kitchen
Turmeric Mango Powerhouse Smoothie from Make Love in the Kitchen


What is so special about this smoothie? It is delicious and loaded with some serious powerhouse nutrients:


Turmeric has long been used as it’s a powerful healer for you body. This spice has powerful anti-inflammatory action which is why it is strongly suggested that turmeric is linked to preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease, assisting with the relief of symptoms from arthritis and aiding in the prevention of certain cancers. Turmeric can also be of benefit in treating digestive problems and reducing the body’s inflammatory response. (Another great way to add turmeric to your diet is in tea. In the evenings I like to grate turmeric and ginger and add the juice from two lemons, then boil together in water for 30 minutes. Drink this hot or wait until it cools off and put in the fridge for a refreshing burst of nutrients.)


Who wouldn’t want to eat mango every day? In addition to being super tasty, this tropical fruit is a rich source of vitamin A, an important vitamin linked to eye health and bone growth. Mangos also have a hearty amount of fiber, which helps move things along, plus it adds B and E vitamins (making it also known as the “love fruit” because it regulates hormones and increases libido.


This fruit is bursting to the brim with immune boosting Vitamin C. This vitamin is an antioxidant which prevents cellular damage to the body and also help with immune function. Pineapple also offers enzymes which help break down food and make digestion easier.


You can basically live on this stuff. Bee-gathered pollens are rich in proteins, free amino acids, and vitamins, including B-complex and folic acid. Bee pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that products of animal origin do not possess. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight. Bee pollen is particularly concentrated in all elements necessary for life.


I’ll be truthful and tell you that the texture of chia seeds is gross to me, but when I sneak them into my smoothies I cannot tell that they are there. I gotta do it because these are too good to miss out on. Chia seeds are a great way to help get toxins out of your body after your liver has done its job. They also help combat diabetes, add fiber and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet and have been known to help improve heart health.


Seriously, just add this stuff to every smoothie you ever make again. Flaxseed oil is an excellent source of omega-3s. Just 1 teaspoon contains about 2.5 grams, equivalent to more than twice the amount most people get through their diets. Several studies show that flax seed oil helps to lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease, counter inflammation in the gut, minimize nerve damage, treat hormonal issues and even treat acne and help to grow healthy hair, skin and nails.



Makes 2 generous servings

2 cups frozen chopped mango

1 cup frozen chopped pineapple

1 cup almond milk

1 tablespoon freshly grated or ground turmeric

1 tablespoon bee pollen

1 tablespoon flax seed oil

1 tablespoon hemp seeds

1 tablespoon chia seeds

Optional topping: ground cinnamon or dried unsweetened coconut flakes

Blend until smooth in blender, drink immediately. Enjoy knowing you just did something great for the body you live in!

Sweet girl enjoying her delicious smoothie! For recipes and inspiration, go to: www.makeloveinthekitchen.com
What is so special about this smoothie? It is delicious and loaded with some serious powerhouse nutrients.

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